Malaysians now have access to Google’s AI-powered search results

Google has expanded its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search results, called Search Generative Experience (SGE), to more than 120 new countries, including Malaysia.

With this feature, users will be shown an AI-generated answer to their query at the top of search results. This answer will also include links to the search results it was based on.

The search giant intends the feature to improve the user experience and allow them to “understand a topic faster, discover new insights and ideas, and get things done more easily.”

Users can opt-in to the feature through Google Search Labs by simply turning it on, but this can only be done in Google Chrome. Otherwise, the website will simply display a notice asking users to install the Google browser or app on a smartphone.

Once you have accepted, the AI-generated answers will automatically be displayed to users when their search is in the form of a question.

Alternatively, when a user just searches for a word or the name of something, they will be asked if they want to “get an AI-based overview for this search,” along with a button to “generate” said answer.

There will also be the option to ask follow-up questions through the “Converse” tab, which can be selected just below the search bar.

These AI-generated responses will only be displayed when using Google Chrome or the Google app, and other browsers will simply display search results as before.

Not all of Google’s SGE features are currently available to Malaysians; As of this writing, this includes the imaging tool the company introduced in October.

Currently it also does not support queries in the Malay language.

It’s worth noting that the subscription page mentions that the feature “ends in May 2024.” However, it is unclear whether the feature will be removed or made available to all users without requiring a subscription at that time.

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